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Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre is an organisation who provide shelter, emergency and support services to women and children who are at risk, or experiencing homelessness and/or family and domestic violence.

ClientWomen's and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC)

It's been 40 years since Womens' and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC) was first founded by Jeanne Devine and since then, the organisation has been dedicated to supporting women and children through homelessness and domestic violence. WAGEC takes a stance against the view that women experiencing domestic violence are victims, instead emphasising they are empowered survivors.

We worked with local brand identity superstars For the People to develop a website for WAGEC. The brand identity and logo created by For the People responds to the urgency of WAGEC's work, a shelter that points women to that critical piece of information in times of need.

The WAGEC website is home to a spectrum of visitors, from women in emergencies seeking immediate support, to communities and businesses wanting to get involved. Not only was the messaging important, but also creating a clear and simple navigation experience so that each user type - particularly the urgent users could use the website as effectively as possible.

The site is designed to feel supportive, empowering and safe. The aesthetic flows on from the branding done by For the People and features bespoke illustrations donated by 16 Australian female artists.

As a local organisation run by women for women, we wanted the website to look and feel grassroots. To reflect the stance on women as survivors, not victims, we wanted the site to feel current and deliver a confident and inviting energy.

The layout features subtle interactions and movement characterised with a consistent arrow icon guiding visitors through the site and linking back to the brand concept behind the WAGEC logo.

The site includes a custom designed e-commerce digital shop front, featuring branded merchandise and artists' work where each product sale helps fund support for women and children.

To foster the community that WAGEC have created, we created a place on the site where the team at WAGEC are able to write and publish content, from stories to news and events. Visitors are able to subscribe to the content and be notified of new posts.

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