Web Design

The web is a busy place. Whether you’ve got a restaurant, e-commerce store, gym or travelling barbershop, it’s no easy task to define your space amongst the crowded and homogenous. Our job is to help you define what makes your business unique, and build you a thoughtfully crafted digital presence that reflects it.

Our designer will collaborate with you to get to know you and your brand story. This is where we hone in on what makes your brand special, it could be the positivity-focussed community at your gym, or the tasteful fusion of cuisines on your menu. We’ll establish a visual direction for your website that best captures your brand.

We’ll work with you to define exactly what you need from your website, whether its an e-commerce store or a portfolio showcasing your work, each website is different and needs a different foundation. Once we've established the content architecture and wireframes, we'll get started on designing up the home page.

During the design phase, our designer will be crafting up a detailed aesthetic that considers your brand story from each button and interaction, to the colours, typography and image style. This might include the creation of custom illustrative assets, iconography, hand-crafted elements and art directed photography - it all depends on what's the right medium for your business.

Each of our designs is always considered on mobile and desktop so your customers find it effortless to navigate your website on the go. When you're stoked as fire with the way your new website's good looks, we'll hand over to our developer who will bring it all to life.

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