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Based in Melbourne, See Make Play host creative workshops for children and adults across Australia. We created a playful visual language and e-commerce website to showcase their work and bring their business to life online.

ClientSee Make Play

Nikki and Fran from See Make Play host workshops for children and adults alike, helping them spark collective and individual creativity. Our goal was to invite playfulness into the digital experience and inspire visitors to participate from the moment they land onsite.

We wanted to harness the bold colours and tactility of craft, digitally. Nikki and Fran kindly sent us over a package filled with their own workshop creations and our job was to give them life on-screen. These elements were the foundation for our site, providing texture, colour and opportunity for interaction.

Part of the challenge was creating a brand identity that captured the colours, textures and shapes that were synonymous with See Make Play, and could work in harmony with them. We developed a visual identity based on a series of complementary shapes, each imperfectly built on the cut-out collage style of their craft.

We wanted the website to look and feel like a paper playground, inciting curiosity and playfulness. The aim was to encourage users to explore, providing moments of unexpected interaction throughout. The landing page features a drawing palette, prompting users to create their own doodles on the site.

See Make Play also needed a digital shopfront to provide customers with bespoke craft kits, craft supplies and handmade goods. The site features a responsive e-commerce store built in alignment with the visual identity across the site. The shop also links to the See Make Play blog, allowing visitors to purchase goods used in a tutorial.

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