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Kua Coffee had humble beginnings as a university project and a trip to Uganda saw the opportunity to create a circular economy; give back to communities there and bring great coffee to Sydney workplaces. Since then, they've began serving over 50 Sydney offices with coffee that does the planet and its people good.

ClientKua Coffee

Coffee is both a personal and shared part of our culture. If harnessed, what might coffee have to do with creating global positive change? Getting Kua's message across boldly was top priority. On landing, visitors to the site are a simple question: How many cups of coffee do they consume daily?

The interactive landing encourages visitors to become personally invested in the experience. As they interact with the slider, each coffee cup has its own personal quirks and each cup equates to a value, revealed when the visitor hits 'Go'.

Kua's ethos exudes a humble simplicity and full transparency, so we kept the visual language simple too. The vibrant palette derived from their roots in Uganda are used in bright blocks to hero the imagery shot by the team locally and on their trips to the farms in Uganda.

Kua works with businesses, supplying coffee to work spaces around Sydney, but they also wanted to offer home delivery to consumers along with minimal repurposed or sustainable goods. We created an e-commerce shopfront, displaying a few select products in full detail.

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