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Steve approached us for a brand and custom designed and developed portfolio for his photography business. Not just any photography, wedding photography to look back on and remember it as it was - fun, full of life and personal. In Steve's photos, you'll find pictures full of family and friends hugging, crying and tearing up the dance floor, having a damn good time - a story of their special day.

ClientFrankly Steve

As soon as we met Steve, we knew we wanted to create something brilliant for him. His photography business needed a name, brand and website, one that reflected the honest, humble and no-frills approach to wedding photography that Steve captured so well through his photos.

Steve's photography was all about encapsulating stories people could look back on and laugh, remembering the night for the good times - as they really unfolded. Shooting old-school in film photography, Steve's photos bring back the warmth and tactility of photographs, even through a digital screen.

We started with all things branding; including coming up with the right name and creating the logo. To understand his brands needs, we started by crafting some solid brand values.

Selecting the right name for your business isn't an easy decision. One of the concerns for Steve was wanting to stay small. Having a brand name meant that he came across as a business brand, more than a human being. Our final pick 'Frankly Steve' captured the honest, to-the-point nature of Steve's photography, and fostered the intimacy of working directly with Steve.

The final logo’s foundation is a strong, structured and unisex typeface that stands tall and confidently separate like its namesake. As an ode to the age of film photography, the logo is inspired by the typography of classic newspaper headlines and often used by documentaries; the logo is bold and represents a story being told, honestly.

It’s a step away from the traditional wedding genre of cursive and feminine calligraphy, instead it’s a nod to simplicity and androgyny, concepts that accomodate the various forms of modern day marriage.

The website for Frankly Steve was an exploration of stories of couples inspired by the traditional newspaper clippings. An ode to tradition and print that ties together with film photography and notions of community and stories. 

With a tactile, textural feel to the background and the use of columns and grids to contain elements, the natural grain of Steve's film photos appear to sink in as they would on a printed, touchable newspaper. The red marker lines add a create a playful interaction for users when they hover over a clickable element, inspired by the marks made by Steve as he's processing negatives on film.

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