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Carbon8 are an Australian Not-for-profit charity that aims to transition Aussie farmers to regenerative agriculture and support them to rebuild the carbon (organic matter) in their soil from 1% to 8%.

As farmers themselves, the founders of Carbon8 had a lot of on-the-ground information about the state of farming but needed to synthesise this for the mass market.

They contacted us to help them create a brand identity and apply it through a new online face for their business - explaining what they're all about and providing a bulletproof donation platform.

ClientCarbon8 Regenerative Agriculture

The goal of the Carbon8 brand was to communicate complex agricultural principles and context in a digestible manner for a public audience.
As a charity aiming to create positive change in the agricultural industry, we wanted to forgo the oversaturated doom and gloom of today, and focus on the achievable and refreshingly positive vision of tomorrow.

We started with a brand identity that was refreshing, light and open. Our key considerations were to make sure the logo paired well with the name and communicated professionalism. The aim was to reintroduce carbon from having negative ties to emissions, to a positive association with organic matter in soil.

Carbon8 is all about better quality soil retaining water and changing the Australian landscape for Farmers from one brittle with drought, to one lush with a buzzing ecosystem of wild flora and fauna.

We wanted to choose brand colours that exude the vision; varieties of cool toned greens that capture freshness, hydration, new growth and vibrance.

Our goal for picking the right font was for the brand voice to come across as easy, clear and positive. It needed to be easy to read yet fresh and friendly.  

A large part of our Web Design for Carbon8 was making regenerative agriculture accessible for everyone, and the mechanism we employed to achieve this was primarily illustration and animation.

We wanted to visually present 5 second stories for each of the important concepts that made up the complete picture as to why this cause was important and worthwhile supporting.

The site was developed in Gatsby, a static site generator for ReactJS. This ensured that content was delivered to the user in the most performant way possible. We integrated with Stripe's billing system in order to provide visitors with the option to support Carbon8 through once-off and recurring donations.

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